Legal and
Transportation via air,
ocean, road or rail
Almost all companies encounter freight transportations, including international freight, in their day to day operations. In most cases, there is a common problem/dilemma:  

 - to create logistics and customs clearance departments within the company
 - to outsource (to use transport company services)

The organization of your own logistics and customs clearance departments entails high material costs since it is necessary to create equipped work environment, purchase software, hire competent specialists and so on.

What should you do if freight transportation issues arise regularly, or if you have no desire to incur additional costs and resolve issues that will be a distraction from the company's core business?

LLC “M&M Cargo” is ready to take care of freight transportation for your company.
Our team is ready to help you solve all freight transportation problems and answer all your questions related to the transportation of your goods.

As experience has shown, complex solutions are at the highest demanded within the field of international transportation. They include not only transportation, warehousing or customs clearance, but an interconnected complex of actions from negotiating and freight contracting to delivering the necessary goods to the final customer.

The company   “M&M Cargo” is ready to offer both a range of services and/or each service individually:
Purchasing and/or selling of goods (both in Russia and abroad)
Full legal and documentary support of all kinds of transactions, including foreign trade activities.
Freight Transportation via air, ocean, road or rail.
Warehousing of goods (packaging, sorting, labeling, loading and unloading, storing)
Cost and delivery time Optimization

“M&M Cargo” is an international company providing a full range of services for delivering, procurement arranging, cargo storing and foreign trade activities operating since 2015.

The vast geography of air/railway/sea carriers with a system of airports/ports/stations/ TSWs around the globe will allow your business to reach a whole new level by optimizing costs and improving service.

Legal and documentary support.
- Execution and Legal support of Domestic Russian Sales contracts;
- Execution and Legal support of International contracts; 
- Elaboration of delivery according to International Commercial Terms in compliance with currency legislation; 
- Providing a complete package of documents for accounting financial statements; 
- Cost Optimization; 
- Assistance and advice on export VAT refunds;
Freight Transportation via air, ocean, road or rail.
- Freight transportation within the Russian Federation; 
- Freight transportation within the CIS; 
- Freight transportation to and from non-CIS countries; 
- Urgent Air Freight; 
- Control, escort and protection in transit; 
- Freight tracking; 
- Cargo Insurance;
Documentary support of customs clearance.
- Import procedure (IM 40); 
- Export procedure (EC 10); 
- ATA Carnet (Passport for goods), temporary admission; 
- CMR, TIR, AWB, Bill of Lading; 
- Consulting in customs legislation, calculation of fees, taxes and duties; 
- Certification consulting and licensing of goods; 
- Preparation of the complete package of documents for customs clearance of goods;
Warehousing, sorting and packaging of goods in accordance with the rules of freight forwarders:
- Handling of goods in Moscow warehouses; 
- Handling of goods at the warehouses of our representative offices and long-term partners (both in Russia and abroad); 
- Assistance with handling of goods at the customer’s warehouses; 
- Responsible storage of goods in warehouses of various categories;
Chief Officer Zhurban Ruslan Yurevich 

Executive Officer Frenkel Julia Nikolaevna 

Chief Accountant Zhurban Olga Vasilievna 

Office in Israel: Tel-Aviv +972 50-547-9907

Office hours
10 am – 7 pm (Monday to Friday)

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